i spy

this is carlotta carelotta, a character i came up with some time ago. i thought this illo of her fit the IF theme this week quite well. ever inquisitive, carlotta spys on a local ant…


Total Chaos…..

total chaos

my lovely kathryn is coming to visit me this weekend. she lives up in nottingham, and me down in london, so we don’t get to see each other as much as i’d like, so i decided to make her this little guy;

kathryns bunny frontkathryn bunny sidekathryn bunny backkathryn bunny blurry bumkathryn bunny cu

rather blurry pic of bunnies buttony bum. but you get the idea.

i hope she likes him….


Updated Website

have just uploaded the updated version of my website, just changed the css a little bit, and added the technical page.

since i’m a mac user, it’s hard for me to know if it’s still glitchy in IE on pc’s. please let me know if it is, so i can try and sort it! (or rather prod my other half and get him to fix it!)

on a completely different note, i had a blood test today, and i was very brave and only a little scared of the sharp pointy needle. and afterwards i had some restorative green & blacks chocolate which was very much deserved.


her boys are driving her around the bend, and she’s on her 7th coffee…. she’s a little wired.



This guy could do with a lesson in hiding.


angels; their love of the divine and watchfulness of humanity allows their hearts to defy gravity.

(hmmm, that even rhymes a little bit!)