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“captain of her heart”

and also;


an oldie – colin the pirate duck – cuz he’s a top captain.

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uh oh! teddy’s injured. it’s a sewing emergency!

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Birthday Suits (sort of!) – okay, Party Costumes. It’s an old one, but I needed to get back into posting!

This is one of my illustrations available as a card at Hare and Bear Designs. (still download order form at the mo, but online purchasing will be available soon – promise!)

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I love Philip Pullman’s trilogy “His Dark Materials”, this illustration is inspired by Iorek the Armored Polar Bear. I thought it suited the topic rather well.

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The hitherto unknown origins of the phrase “green eyed monster”….green

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Snap! nothing quite as embarrassing as discovering someone else has come in the exact same outfit…


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i spy

this is carlotta carelotta, a character i came up with some time ago. i thought this illo of her fit the IF theme this week quite well. ever inquisitive, carlotta spys on a local ant…

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